Monday, June 8, 2009


Here are just some of my bridals. Abby Neville took the pictures (With Jamie DeValbergs help of course) at the Union Station. She did an amazing job. I'll post more as soon as I get them edited! Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Have a look see!

Here she is lady's and gentlemen! FEW! that was a long wait.
I am in the process of putting the pictures up of how he proposed. It is absolutely darling. So hang in there!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's been a Min!

I don't know that anyone reads our blog, but just in case we have viewers I thought I would update this thing.

I work such awful hrs that I don't get any time to do this anymore, it makes me sad, because I am a snoop and I haven't been able to keep up with everyone else and their fun lives. So let's see how well I do.

I don't think to much has happened in our lives over the last little bit. Brett just tested to make the next rank up and that was a nerve racking week. He doesn't feel like he did a very good job, but I know different. We won't find out if he made it or not until June or July which really sucks. So I say little prayers here and there and keep my fingers crossed, because boy a nice salary increase would be good.

Here is the story behind this toolbox. Since Brett got home from Iraq and started going into Lowes to get home fixer uppers, he found this toolbox there and has dreamed about it ever since. He would literally go into Lowe's like once a week just to see "his" toolbox. He would check the price frequently and at one point it was as low as $1400. I really wished we had the money to get it for him, because it has been something he has wanted FOREVER! Well I got my tax return last week, and we went and finally bought his toolbox. This damn thing is rediculous. It has an iPod hook up station, speakers that can blow you away, a Pioneer stereo AND a mini fridge. WHAT?? a fridge. Yeah that was my first thought. If we are ever homeless we will be living in this thing. My Dad came over the night we got it to help him set it up and they both just stared at it. LAME! ha ha. I don't understand what the fascination is with this stupid thing. I told him that when I open up the screw driver drawer there better be one big damn diamond ring sitting there. heheheh. In for realness though I am happy we were finally able to buy it for him. I love seeing him smile. Even if it is over something stupid. SO all is well with Brett.

I have just been working oh about 7 days a week. Sometimes I get a day off and try to relax, but that just doesn't seem to happen much. That's ok though, I need the money and I think I'd go crazy if I wasn't as busy. I am currently patiently or should I say IMPATIENTLY awaiting my ring. I picked it out 2 months ago and I knew I had to wait until Brett could afford it. Wellllllll I know he has bought the ring, and I know that it is currently being sized and the crown reset for the diamond he bought. So I am just playing the waiting game. I hate this part. On one hand I want it to be a surprise and be shocked, but on the other hand I just think to myself that this is both of our second marriages and it kind of looses the AWE after the first one. Plus we have lived with each other for over a year now and it's almost impossible to keep secrets when you live together and know everything that goes on with each other. I know that when he purposes it will be so special and I will just love it, but damnit let's hurry it up now. I know I am a spoiled brat, but he got his toolbox so I get to be that way! At least I keep telling myself that. As soon as I get my ring I will be rushing to download pictures. YAY!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


So each day in my life incidents happen, or I hear of incidents that have happened that make me think in my head "ARE YOU SERIOUS??". I have no tolerance for ignorant ppl and as it turns out I encounter quite a few of them every week. So I am going to call this section of my blog, "ARE YOU SERIOUS!" . I would like to share a few of these incidents.

We all feel the crunch of these times and how money just isn't stretching as far as it used to (in my case it never has stretched). Well occasionally you run into a person who thinks that you are made of money. Example: Once upon a time this lady came in to the salon (a frequent dyer) to get her hair colored and cut, WELL when it was time for her to pay she says to the hairdresser "Could you hold my check until next week? I had to help my son pay his cell phone bill so I won't have the money in my account until next week!" (this is where i say) ARE YOU SERIOUS???? So the hairdress being caught very off guard doesn't quite know what to say. All she can manage is "Is this the only way you can pay?". This client responds "yeah sorry, my sons phone would have been turned off it he didn't pay the bill!". Ok again ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Who in their right mind makes a hair appointment fully aware they won't have the money and just expects the hairdresser to hold the check until she gets paid. I mean honest to hell how friggen ignorant are you to think that that's ok to do. I was totally sickened when I heard this incident, I was ready to track down "miss inconsiderate" and give her a piece of my mind. You don't do that to someone. That is like me going to walmart taking a snickers, hurry and hoover it and when I go to pay I say to the clerk "ya know what I just don't have enough money to pay for this here snickers I just devoured, could you hold my check until next week to cover the cost?!" IG-NOR-ANT PEOPLE!

#2- (oh yes there is more)
When I am sick, I stay cooped up in the house and for the most part under the covers until I start feeling better, to me that is what you do when you are sick. Apparently for a select few ppl they like to go to public places i.e the salon to get their hair done. ARE YOU SERIOUS???? Onve upon a time there was this lady who shows up for her scheduled hair apt a little, no wait, ALOT under the weather. I mean this lady had the goobers in her eyes, the non-brushed breath smell and the greasy lookin hair crap goin on. She sits down in the hair dressers chair and says " Yeah I went to the Doctor, he says I have bronchitis (mean while hacking up a lung)". Ok ARE YOU SERIOUS??? In this salon the Nail lady is listening in and is thinking to herself "you ignorant hag, my bronchioles are very healthy at the moment and I DO NOT feel the need to contract bronchitis at this time." Sometimes I really wonder to myself how this poor hairdresser does not stab the scissors into the top of their head and say "Well guess what, now you have a brain bleed, you better go get that checked out and leave ASAP. We would certainly hate to see you loose any brain function" (if there is any in the first place). For hell sakes people stay home and cough on your own family, cause i'm pretty sure that if I ever run into a situation like that with someone I am going to medicate you myself and I don't think it's legal at this time.

#3- (Still not done)
When I have a Doctors apt that last thing I think about is bringing children with me. BUUUUTT some ignorant fetchers don't understand that when other people are not feeling well and are waiting to see the doctor they DO NOT want to listen to little SCREAMING satans running around and snotting all over the place. Some people feel in neccissary to bring the whole brood when they are the only ones seeing the Doctor. I mean I completely understand that it is hard to find a sitter sometimes when you really need one, but that doesn't mean load up the short bus and bring in all your spaun with you when you are the only one seeing the Dr. Reschedule your apt for another time when you can find a sitter. This one time there was this girl who worked in a Dr's office and one of their patients walks in with 3 lil ducklings in tow, ARE YOU SERIOUS?. The girl thinks "hmm maybe they are all here to see the Doc, it is a great possibility". Well her thoughts were wrong. The mother was the only one to be seen by the Doc this day. I bet the mother thought to herself before she left home "I bet the employess and other patients of this Doctor are just dying to meet my children, and they really want to hear them fight over puzzles and how many suckers they each get, SOOO i better take them all so everyone will get the joy of meeting them!" ARE YOU SERIOUS LADY???? Your children are the spaun of satan I am sure about that and all they have done the whole time is run around and irritate not only the girl but everyone else is the office while you just sit there in oblivian thinking your children are so loved by all! Nothing is more irritating then when you see parents COMPLETELY ignore their out of control children and go on about their business while other have to listen to them. RUDE RUDE RUDE!

This completes todays section of "ARE YOU SERIOUS?". I know you are all prly thinking I am the most negative angry person around, but I assure you I am the complete opposite. It is just things like the above that really get under my skin. I felt the need to share with all. Please feel free to share any incidents in which you felt a little voice in your head say "ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our First born! hahah DOB 11-13-2008

Maybe I am a little biased BUT our baby is so damn cute! hahahahah I am a little confused however, How do two peopl with very brown eyes get a blue eyed baby??? I mean I am not complaining at all its just weird! Everyone can send gifts to my new house. We really weren't expecting baby sorenson so soon! hahaha

Monday, November 10, 2008

OKOKOK here it is!

We finally got the internet at our home so now I can keep up with this.

Brett finally arrived home on September 22nd. Wow time has gone by so quickly since then. I felt like Sept 22nd was never going to get here, and now its came and gone. FEW!

Picking him up was the neatest experience of my life. I will never ever forget it.
That day was so hectic, I almost lost my job. The original email I recieved was that his plane was not due to arrive until 9 pm that night, so I figured "eh I'll get off work at 2, go home and clean and still have time to get ready and pick him up" NEGATIVE ghost rider. I should have known better and just taken the day off of work. I got an email on my phone (thank goodness i have that) saying that the plane flew straight from Ireland instead of stopping in Maine so they would now be arriving at 6. Yes thats right 6 pm. I kinda of, for lack of a better word began to shit my pants at that moment. It was 10 am and I was at work and our house was a mess AND I had a bunch of errands to run before hand. SOOOO I talked with all of the other CNA's and they all agreed that I needed to leave ASAP and that they would cover my hall for the remaining time. I went to my boss explained my situation and told her I needed to leave by 12. We both began to try and find someone to come in and cover the rest of the shift, but all attempts failed. At oh about 1130 my boss came to me and told me that if I did not have a replacement she could not let me leave until my shift was over. .. You can imagine my face when she told me that. My first instinct was to punch her in the eyeball and then start crying because I had waited 2 weeks shy of 5 months to see my man and there was no way I was staying until 2. Pretty much I just looked at her and told her that weather or not my shift was covered, I was leaving at 12 and if they needed to fire me over that they could. Long story short I left at 12 not knowing if I had my job or not. (Which in about a month and a half wouldn't matter much anyways)

ANYWAYS I rushed to my mom's picked up the sign I had made ran and got it laminated and rushed home to clean. Luckily I had help and I got my house clean in a short min. As I mentioned before his plane was do to arrive at 6, not 615 not 630, 6. At 530 I realized " OH SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA!" We better leave. We made it to the hanger just in time to hear they were on final approach. Oh yes I was sick to my stomach. Now in case you don't know what a hanger is, it's this great big huge massive shed like thing that planes are put in (i think). Well that was stuffed full of 180 soldiers familys and friends. When it was time they opened up the hanger doors (pretty much huge closet doors opening) and let the family's with little children stand up front and all the women who had babies during the deployment got to stand WAYYY in front and got to see their soldier first (that was pretty cool). They had veterans lining both sides of us (like a run way) with flags, it was so patriotic and an awesome feeling. Pretty soon you see this HUGE military plane being taxied over to us. I am sure you can just imagine the cheers, tears and screams from all of us anxious and thankful families. The plane sat there for what seemed like an eternity. While we were waiting for them to step off the plane I got a phone call from Brett. Oh yes my heart sank. For once a normal phone! YAY! We sat there for another good 20 mins until we saw the first soldiers step off the plane onto the stairs (just a teaser). I was ecstatic, well everyone was. That was until the commander ran up the stairs and pushed everyone back onto the plane. WHAT WHAT??? COME BACK! Apparently they had to sit through a customs speech before they could be released. BORRRIIING! Ok ok ok so finally they all began to unload. I sat and I waited and I waited AND WAITED until finally I saw my baldy walking down the stairs. WAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!! I was on my tippy tippy toes trying to watch where he was going to end up so I could meet him. FINALLY, I spotted him kind of wandering out and around the crowd of people and I did the fastest Oprah walk (faster than Oprah). I kind of bombarded him and jumped into his arms. It was the weirdest feeling ever. I was so excited to finally have him home, but at the same time it was kind of like I was hugging a stranger. Me and my whole family made shirts that said "Team Sorenson" on them, just in case he got lost. Anywho it was so awesome to see all these little kids so happy to see their mother/father and all the spouses elated to finally hold their other half. Of course media was there, and I am happy to report the back of me made it on there.

I have a bunch of pictures, but my ma got them developed instead of put on a CD so I have to scan them first. Which will take and eternity as well, so bare with me, I am hurrying!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here I am everyone!~

HI HI HI! I promise I didn't fall off the face of this earth, just took a vacation for a min. Ok ok we actually just don't have internet at our house yet, so I haven't been able to update everyone! Brett is finally home! YAY! It was the coolest experience of my life when I went and picked him up also one of the most nerve racking things eveR! As soon as I upload the pictures of that day, I will post them along with the story! Anyways all is well and hopefully here in a couple of days I will be able to sit down and REALLY update this bis! So stay tuned! You stay classy San Diego (hahahahaha)!